Homework Help

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Homework is a fact of life for students. So before you find yourself “stuck” while helping with a science project or prepping for a math quiz, take time to learn about homework help and tutoring services at the school and public library.


  • Ask if your school librarian can provide a tutorial on the latest research tools so you can help your child become the best learner he or she can be.
  • Schedule an appointment on-site with a tutor. Check with your library to see if tutors are available to help all grade levels with research, writing, homework help and more.


  • Get into a routine. Set a regular time for homework that works for everyone at home, and make your home a no-distraction zone.
  • Check with your library to see if you can connect with an online tutor or reference service for free through your library’s website.
  • Check out your child’s school library website or Facebook page to see what research tools can help with homework. School librarians work with classroom teachers to develop bibliographies, webliographies and other “pathfinders” for research projects.
  • Some school libraries offer mobile applications that can help your student access online resources through a mobile device.
  • Never stop learning! Demonstrate the joy of being a lifelong learner by exploring new areas of interest and continuing to learn about subjects that appeal to you.

Talk about a major freak out.

When Mary Rose O’Brien started stressing over her algebra homework last school year, she thought about asking her parents for help first.