Unplug, Unwind and Get Crafty

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Technology can help us be more productive, assist in learning, entertain and connect us to friends and family. But when we’re always plugged in, we can become disconnected from other people and activities. Arts and crafts provide alternative ways to help unplug, unwind and connect.


  • Ask a librarian or check out the library website or Facebook page for arts and crafts classes, like painting, sewing, knitting and even classes on art projects made from recycled materials.
  • Some libraries offer storytime followed by creative activities inspired by the book that was read.
  • Use media from the library on crafting or crafting classes as inspiration for kids to make their own cards for a special birthday, Mother’s/ Father’s Day or other special occasion.


  • Make a time capsule together. Have everyone consider what to include, from a note about favorite music and movies and what everyday life is like, to photos, coins, small toys or other objects.
  • Teen crafting programs are especially popular in the library. If your teen is into crafting, ask him or her to pick a craft that you can do together at home.
hand made soap

In today’s highly mobile world, there is something inherently rejuvenating about the act of sidelining our sacred gadgetry for some time spent on activities done the old-fashioned way.

Using our hands, and our heads, not for Tweets or pokes or witty Facebook jokes, but for the simple satisfaction of taking a few raw materials and creating a clever craft, is just good for the soul.


Kids in Haloween costumes

This Halloween season, roll up your sleeves and pull out all your tricks and treats for craft time with the kids. Spooked that you’re not creative enough? Don’t worry; Your children don’t expect you to be Martha Stewart. It’s more about spending quality time together and creating lasting connections.

Family on the road together

With more schools across the country cutting back on your child’s recess time, getting him or her involved in extracurricular and physical fitness activities has never been more important. The questions to ask yourself are: Which activities are right for your child? And where can you get them involved?