Preservation Week: Top 5 Things You Can Do to Care for Your Slides

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by Donia Conn

1. Keep slides in their carousels or boxes to keep out dust and light, and to prevent scratching.

2. Label the containers with event/location/people and date.

3. Do not use PVC or unknown plastic sleeves to store slides.  Instead, use polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene sleeves that do not have plasticizers.

4. Store slides in a cool dark place.

5. If slides are dirty, clean only the film side, not the emulsion side, with a cotton swab dipped in a water/ethanol mixture.  Clean the emulsion side with a gentle puff of air or lightly with a very soft brush.


Image credits:
Kodak slide 1
by aroid
Slide show, c. 1953 by M0les

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