Zack Stentz: Libraries,'as important as roads or police or firefighters'


In this interview, screenwriter and debut author Zack Stentz declares his love of libraries and broadcasts their importance in unequivocal language.

He says, "Libraries fostered my love of reading by having so many things, so many topics that I was interested in available - and not just in a shallow way, like the Internet has, but in an in-depth way. If I was interested in sharks, I could almost become an expert by the time I was done."

He is especially vocal in his opposition to library budget cuts, noting that his local libraries in California have faced cutbacks.

"I think of libraries as a public service as important as roads or police or firefighters," he says.

Stentz has been involved as a writer and producer on such television series as Andromeda and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Along with Ashley Miller, he is the author of the book Colin Fischer, a children's book about a young detective with Asperger's.

Screenshot: Zack Stentz

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